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05 November 2022 06:31PM
Content updates

UAE Tax Update: Are you a "Tax Resident"?!

The Federal Tax Authority can now issue "Tax Residence Certificates" for natural and legal persons inside the UAE. Check the criteria to identify if you meet the requirements.

18 October 2022 07:28PM
Content updates

New Unemployment Insurance in UAE

The UAE government has recently issued a Law on Unemployment Insurance that is applicable to all employees of the Public and Private sectors.

17 October 2022 04:54PM
Content updates

UAE Employment Law: Limited or Unlimited Contracts?

The old UAE Labour Law differentiated between limited and unlimited contracts. However, when the new Law came into force, it required all contracts to be limited for a period not exceeding 3 years. This cap has been now removed. Are we back to unlimited contacts?

29 September 2022 09:37PM
Content updates

Saudi Arabia’s New Tourism Law

Investment in the tourism industry is a key pillar of the Saudi vision 2030. Saudi Cabinet passes new tourism law to boost business in the growing sector.

02 March 2022 04:55AM
Content updates

Data Privacy: The GCC Landscape !

How well is personal data protected? Within the past 6 years, 5 countries out of 6 in the Gulf region have now enacted their independent, stand-alone, Data Protection Laws, changing the data protection landscape across the region.

02 March 2022 04:00AM
Content updates

UAE's New Labour Law: The Key Changes Explained

On February 2nd, the UAE’s employment landscape changed with the enforcement of Decree-Law No. (33) of 2021 (the “New Law”) and the immediate repeal of the old Law. The new Law, introduced key and material changes to the rules governing employment for a long time in the UAE.

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