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10 November 2023 06:01AM
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New Dispute Resolution Committee Established for Family Business in Dubai

Beginning 2023, the Law governing Family Businesses in the UAE came into force. The Law stipulated that a special judicial committee will be formed, in each Emirate, to handle the settlement of disputes related to these family businesses. Dubai has now established such Committee.

02 October 2023 03:10AM
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3 Key Changes to the UAE Arbitration Law

The UAE Arbitration has been amended pursuant to a law recently enacted. Three key changes have been introduced with these amendments that will impact and enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the arbitration law.

04 May 2023 03:47AM
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Tax Exemptions for Qualifying Public Benefit Entities

A new Cabinet Resolution No. (37) of 2023 has been issued, relating to Qualifying Public Benefit Entities for the purposes of the Corporate Tax Law. The aim of the Resolution is to ensure that entities operating for the public benefit are eligible for tax exemption.

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