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95% of Judicial Sessions Were Held Remotely in Saudi Arabia

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The legal services provided electronically were increased to 85% in 2022 of the total services of the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom; noting that in 2022, Saudi Arabia has launched its first virtual enforcement court to enhance litigation procedures in the Kingdom, making it easier to obtain high quality services.

The virtual court shortens the litigation procedures from twelve steps to only two steps starting from the submission of the application until the final verdict is issued for electronic execution bonds documented through the 'Nafith' platform. It contributes to eliminating seven visits  per request after making the services available electronically through the portal 'NAJIZ'.

Also, more than sixty new laws were published on a new platform of judicial laws and regulations that has been launched as well, to enable all individuals and experts to access the judicial legislations, which leads to enhance the transparency and increases legal commitment.

The National Transformation Program enabled also the digitization of 100% of all judicial services. It provided more than 1,000 training courses in 2022 to more than 54,000 trainees including judges, legal researches, board of grievances judges, board of grievances assistants, and employees of several ministries, authorities, and universities.

Moreover, the Ministry of Justice established Conciliation Centers and launched the Taradhi platform, to develop the reconciliation system in Saudi Arabia. More than 2 million people are benefiting from the Taradhi platform, more than 800,000 remote conciliation sessions, and there are more than 160,000 conciliation documents. By approving conciliation rules and issuing conciliation enforcement deeds, the Ministry is developing alternative dispute resolution processes. 

Pascale Dona
By Pascale Dona
Senior Legal Editor

Pascale Dona joined Thomson Reuters in 2014 as Content Specialist. In 2007, Pascale graduated from the Lebanese University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, then moved to France and completed her Master’s degree in International Law from Nice Sophia Antipolis University. Pascale has more than 10 years of experience as legal Specialist in Lebanon and UAE. She is a native Arabic speaker and proficient in English and French.

Pascale is currently a Senior Legal Editor for Thomson Reuters MENA. She is based in Dubai and is responsible for maintaining and providing the latest legal content for the MENA region.

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