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22 January 2024 05:16PM
Technical Issues and Fault Notifications

Westlaw Middle East Outage (RESOLVED)

We are experiencing an outage with Westlaw and Practical Law applications including Westlaw Middle East. RESOLVED

15 January 2024 08:29PM
Content updates

New Maritime Law in the UAE

The new Federal Decree-Law No. (43) of 2023 will repeal and replace the existing maritime law Federal Law No. (26) of 1981 Concerning Commercial Maritime Law. It comes into force on 29 March 2024.

02 January 2024 06:57PM
Content updates

Dubai Bans the Use of Plastic Bags

As of 01 January 2024, the import and trade of single-use products and most plastic bags (with few exceptions) is prohibited. Non-compliance with the new rules may result in fines.

13 December 2023 10:02PM
Content updates

New Bankruptcy Law in UAE

Effective from 1 May 2024, a new Federal Decree-Law No. (51) of 2023 concerning Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy will replace the Federal Decree-Law No. (9) of 2016 on Bankruptcy.

10 November 2023 06:01AM
Content updates

New Dispute Resolution Committee Established for Family Business in Dubai

Beginning 2023, the Law governing Family Businesses in the UAE came into force. The Law stipulated that a special judicial committee will be formed, in each Emirate, to handle the settlement of disputes related to these family businesses. Dubai has now established such Committee.

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