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Dubai Law No. (9) of 2023 Regulating the Operations of Autonomous Vehicles in Dubai

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The newly introduced Dubai Law No. (9) of 2023 aims to provide a safe and regulated environment for using Artificial intelligence (AI) in transportation within the Emirate.

The Roads Transportation Authority (RTA) is tasked with developing policies and strategic plans to regulate the use of autonomous vehicles in Dubai. They will regulate the sector by mandating a license for conducting any activities related to autonomous vehicles and outlining the process and requirements for obtaining such licenses.

The following are the requirements required to license an autonomous vehicle:

  1. Upon the first registration of an Autonomous Vehicle, the Autonomous Vehicle's exporter shall be the local authorized Agent of the Vehicle's type in the Emirate.
  2. The Autonomous Vehicle shall have been registered in the exporter's country or the country of origin and successfully tested for use on public Roads designated for its category and class in such country.
  3. It shall successfully pass the technical inspection prescribed by RTA.
  4. It shall be equipped to read and deal with Traffic Signs and priority traffic signs and to run on the Road.
  5. It shall meet the security and safety standards, specifications and regulations necessary for dealing with the Road and its users, as per the guide approved by RTA in this regard.
  6. It shall conform to the specification approved in the State.
  7. It shall be insured with an insurer licensed to operate in the State, as determined by the Director-General in this regard.
  8. It shall fulfill any other requirements to be determined by a resolution of the Director-General in this regard.

This aims to ensure that the sale and transfer of autonomous vehicles will be done through authorized agents. The RTA’s responsibility covers creating technical, operational and safety standards for self-driving vehicles as well as setting speed limits, routes, operations, and the infrastructure required for its operations. The law outlines fines for violators of its provisions ranging from 500 to 20,000 AED and a maximum of AED50,000 for double violators in the same year.

According to the Law, all relevant government entities in Dubai are required to cooperate with RTA to help it deliver its responsibilities related to the autonomous vehicles sector.

Provisions of Federal Law No. (21) of 1995 Concerning Road Traffic, its executive regulations and amendments, relevant decisions and any other legislation that replaced them will continue to apply in areas that are not covered by a specific provision of the new law.

Any provision of other legislations that may conflict with the new law will be annulled. Law No. (9) of 2023 will be effective 90 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

To view the full text in Arabic & English, please visit the document.

Ashrakat Sayed
By Ashrakat Sayed

Ashrakat joined Thomson Reuters in 2022 as a Content Specialist. She is a graduate with Bachelor's Degree from York University, and a Paralegal Diploma from Seneca College. Ashrakat is also a Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario, Canada. She is a native Arabic speaker and fluent in English. 

Ashrakat is currently a Legal Editor for Thomson Reuters MENA. She is based in Dubai and is responsible for maintaining and providing the latest legal content updates in the MENA region. 

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