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New Amendments to the Jordanian Competition Law No. 33 of 2004

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The new modifications of the Competition Law No. (33) of 2004, aim to protect the fairness in commercial transactions and to prevent any monopolistic prohibited practices that obstructs the nature of a free competitive market. These amendments are introduced in conjunction with the restructuring of its regulating body, the Competition Affairs Committee at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply.

As a response, the amendments introduced severe penalties for anti-competitive practices that ranges between 2% to 10% of the annual total sales of good revenues. And in cases where the value of sales and goods cannot be identified, the set fine is a minimum of 10,000 and a maximum of 100,000.

The law also introduces a new provision that creates a lens by which to identify if a company holds a “dominant position” in the market. The following factors are considered in determining if a company holds a dominant position or not:

1. The company’s market share.

2. Its financial capacity in the market.

3. Its ability to reach supply chains, markets, or production inputs.

4. Its links with subsidiaries or affiliates.

5. The existence of obstacles hindering the entry of competing institutions.

6. The ability of its suppliers or customers to deal with other institutions


To view the full Text in English, please visit the document.

Ashrakat Sayed
By Ashrakat Sayed

Ashrakat joined Thomson Reuters in 2022 as a Content Specialist. She is a graduate with Bachelor's Degree from York University, and a Paralegal Diploma from Seneca College. Ashrakat is also a Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario, Canada. She is a native Arabic speaker and fluent in English. 

Ashrakat is currently a Legal Editor for Thomson Reuters MENA. She is based in Dubai and is responsible for maintaining and providing the latest legal content updates in the MENA region. 

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