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02 January 2024 06:57PM
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Dubai Bans the Use of Plastic Bags

As of 01 January 2024, the import and trade of single-use products and most plastic bags (with few exceptions) is prohibited. Non-compliance with the new rules may result in fines.

22 October 2023 05:30PM
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UAE Introduces an Alternative End of Service Scheme

Almost two months ago, HH Sheikh Mohamad bin Rashid, UAE's Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced that the Cabinet has approved a new End of Services Scheme (EoSS) for private sector and free zones establishments. Here's what we know so far about the new scheme.

02 October 2023 03:10AM
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3 Key Changes to the UAE Arbitration Law

The UAE Arbitration has been amended pursuant to a law recently enacted. Three key changes have been introduced with these amendments that will impact and enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the arbitration law.

30 September 2023 11:28PM
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Oman enacts a new Labour Law

After two decades of implementing the Oman Labour Law ("old law"), the Sultanate of Oman follows the lead of other GCC nations in revamping its legislation and enacts a new Labour Law ("new law").

07 April 2023 09:38PM
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UAE: The Small Business Relief (SBR)

SMEs and Start-ups, in the UAE, will be able to benefit from Corporate Tax relief according to a new resolution issued by the Ministry of Finance.

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